Dear Gentlemen and Heroes of the beloved country,

I just want to express how delighted I am to view your website, events and pictures. I have never joined the prestigious academy but i am one of those who grew up in Harar and with lots of memories as a small kid. I have watched the graceful formations, a few of the graduation marches and the colorful celebrations, even the melody of the music that was played for the evening gymnastic show (with torches)during graduation……I remember the various activities that me and friends used to simulate as young kids…. I have recently bought the valuable published book going through it puts me in a lot of emotions, nostalgic feelings and some time couldn’t help feeling sad seeing what ended up happening…….Summer of 1961( Eth Cal) I was attending summer school at Ras Mekonnen School where I some times watch the cadets on their breaks in the balcony. I would accompany any group with my tiny legs from the classroom building to the dining place beside Mobile…..I have lot and lots of vivid memories that I would some day put together and God Willing will publish…….I just don’t want to write unprepared with low flavor and some quality of literature that everyone enjoys….I liked what Col Beyene composed both on the book and recently on the website (Kale mehala)

Yours Sincerely