The next Alumni meeting will be held at Col. Nigussu Teferra’s residence on Jan 10, 2010 at the following address:
6300 Stevenson Ave
Alexandria VA 22304

HMAHAA’s Next meeting


The next Alumni meeting will be held at W/O Fantu Tesfaye & Lt. Ahmed Mohammed’s residence on October 4, 2009 at the following address:

5711 Lawsons Hill Court
Alexandria VA 22310

Please use the parking lot at the Century 21 Building found at the corner of Franconia & Telegraph roads.

Next Alumni Meeting


The next Alumni meeting will be held at Major Yohanes Abate’s residence on May 17, 2009 at:
308 Stony Hill Court
Fort Washington MD 20744
Parking is limited. Please try to use public transportation or other arrangements if possible. Thanks.

Thank you Note


February 09, 2009
To all Academy Alumni Members:
On behalf of the entire Abraha’s family, I would like to extend our gratitude and sincere thanks to all Alumni members and their families for organizing the memorial ceremony held on Feb 7th, honoring our beloved Yigzaw.
Col. Yigzaw Abraha left for Ethiopia to pay tribute to his recently deceased younger sister. He planned to come back for business as usual on January 29th. Unfortunately and unexpectedly, he did not make it.
The incident was really a big shock to our family and all his friends. For all of us who closely knew Yigzaw, both socially and professionally, his sudden death does not seem real or right. For a lot of reasons we still could not believe what has happened.
It is very painful to loose a loved one, especially when there is no sign to that effect. Situations like this remind us how fragile we are. That life, although cherished, is not always fair.
We were all impressed by the love, respect and honor shown by Yigzaw’s fellow officers. We appreciate what you all have done. We were touched not only by the kind words spoken, but also by the deep emotion conveyed during the memorial.
I am both humbled and honored to be invited to join the Alumni. Words cannot express how deeply moved I am for this gesture. Being a part of the Alumni will enable me to always be reminded of him and his outstanding military contributions through each of you. I hope that my presence will also remind each of you of Yigzaw’s memory.
Once again, thank you so much for comforting us and for standing by our side at this difficult and tragic time.
May God bless you and your family.
Isaac Abraha and the entire Abraha family

2009 Alumni Meeting


HMAHAA will be conducting its 1st meeting of the year on January 11, 2009.
It will be hosted by Major Muluget Kebede at:

2501 Normandy Crossing Dr.
Silverspring MD 20906

Happy Holidays!

Melkaam Gaabecha


On August 23, 2008;
Col. Gebeyehu Osman, Ms. Yemisrach Demissie and Col. Lemma Beyene Abba Shone, Mrs. Tersit W. Geiorgis; with Alumni members, celebrated the wedding of their children, Ms. Freselam Lemma and Mr. Mewded Gebeyehu.

HMAHAA wishes them well!

Alumni Nov 11 Meeting


HMAHAA has successfully conducted its bi-monthly meeting on Nov 11,2007 at 4921 Seminary road Alexandria, Virginia. It was hosted by Lt/Col. Yigzaw Abraha and his family.
Major Hailemariam Abai, chairman of the alumni association, thanked the family for being such a delightful host. The event was declared be one of the best so far.
The agenda for the day was was to elect a new executive committee, but due to lack of quorum it wasn’t conducted.

Picture of the day:

Next Alumni meeting


The next HMAHAA scheduled meeting is on October 26, 2008. It will be hosted by Col. Kindaya’s family at:
4951 Seminary Road
Southern Towers Party room
Alexanderia, VA 22311

August 2008 Alumni Meeting


The next almuni meeting will be on August 31st. It will be hosted by Col. Gatew. at:
6914 Ashbury DR
Springfield, VA 22152



The table below is a tentative schedule of HMAHAA’s bi-monthly meeting Schedule. It is subject to change without notice.

Name Address Date
1 Lt. Mesfin Kibret Quantrell Ave 9/16/07
2 Lt. Col. Yigzaw Abraha Rockshire St. Alexandria, VA 11/11/07
3 Col. Gebeyehu Osman Chapel View CT Silver Spring MD 1/13/08
4 Lt. Dr. Shimelis Alemayehu Quisinberry Way Bowie, MD 2/24/08
5 Major Hailemariam Abai Tuppence Ct. Silver Spring MD 5/11/08
6 Lt. Bezu Woldemichael Orange Plank Rd, Springfield, VA 7/13/08
7 Lt. Col. Kindeya Kebede Lynhaven Dr. Alex. VA 9/14/08
8 Col. Gatew Teferi Ashbury Dr. Springfield, VA 11/9/08
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