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G.C. 661 Bantamlak Yemenu

G.C. 661 Bantamlak Yemenu

G.C. 661 BANTAMLAK YEMENU, the fifth child in a family of nine, was born in Gondar in 1944 (E.C.) and received his education at Tsadiku Yohanis Primary School and Haile Selassie I secondary School. An excellent sportman, he has represented his company at squash, football, volley-ball and boxing. Of a mechanical turn of mind he says, “I love fiddling with gadgets, and am seldom content until I have had them apart to see how they work”. He recently visited France where he had a thoroughly good time. He views this trip as part of a continuing process of education, and feels that a man carries on learning until the day he dies.

Lieutenant Bantamlak resides in the USA

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